If you stop on the road before leaving the province of Savona and ask for an advice for a stay all about food, wine and walks between monuments and archaeological finds, you will probably hear that Albenga is the place you are looking for, a village set on a coastal plain with unique characteristics in Liguria.

The three towers of the cathedral of San Michele, the old headquarters of the town council, the house of Malasemenza and the archaeological itinerary are all stop-over of a journey back in time but also the sea is ideal for scuba diving while the hinterland, with its paths that penetrate the Mediterranean maquis, are an attraction for hikers. They can also sit at a table to taste the typical ‘Imbrogliata di carciofi’ and a glass of Pigato, Vermentino and Rossese wines.

Residence for this location

Residence for Albenga