Before choosing the facility – among those belonging to the same brand – where to spend their holidays, tourists should wonder about the reasons that led these facilities to be part of the consortium in question.

As for Residence di Liguria – that includes 28 buildings divided into blocks of service flats and holiday apartments, in 11 tourist places at the Italian Riviera – the answer is about the ability and desire for offering a stay in complete freedom, with a special attention to the holidays for families, providing them with a service ranging from entertainment for kids to private beaches, from reductions for the disabled, lovers of mountain biking and road cycling to a knowledge of the territory, which is very important for trekking lovers, always looking for new itineraries and excursions.
Above all, our facilities, both those located in the heart of seaside villages and those in front of the sea, are managed by people who care a lot about hospitality for an unforgettable holiday.

Each offer by Residence di Liguria, from the Riviera di Levante to the Riviera di Ponente, is characterized by the common love for this region and its sea, colors and infinite variations on the theme of hospitality, combined with other peculiarities aiming at fulfilling all needs of those who are looking for a customized stay.
Entertainment and relaxation are ensured in all facilities of the consortium, but you can also find something else in each one: some facilities are more suitable for sportsmen and activities ranging from free climbing to surf and diving. Other facilities offer attractions that cannot be renounced– from bird watching lovers to those who wish to catch sight of a whale - running away from the city in search of a direct contact with nature.

Ultimately, in summer or winter, on sand, stone or rock beaches, for a unique experience in the heart of the Italian Riviera, the answer is still Residence of Liguria. We are waiting for you!

For Residence di Liguria Consortium
Board of Governors

All locations

28 residences in 11 tourist locations of Ligurian Riviera


The Ligurian coast of trails, wines and fine dining on the Riviera di Ponente, a paradise for hikers and gourmets.


As Blue Flag holder in province of Imperia, it offers the ideal holiday for land or sea walkers that also the whales love

Borgio Verezzi

A beautiful sea on the Riviera di Ponente Liguria seen from a different point of view: crêuze de mä and theatre festivals


Liguria written on the sea Halfway between Genoa and France, the beach for families and the sea bottom for scuba divers, on the Riviera di Ponente

Cinque Terre

Real proof of the man’s will to reach the sea and Mediterranean Maquis.
On the paths that climb up the hills of La Spezia Gulf and Via dell’Amore


Breathtaking views over the coast of the Cinque Terre Where Liguria plunges steeply into the blue sea

Deiva Marina

An oasis of relaxation on the Ligurian Coast Between Portofino and the Cinque Terre, the family beach of the Riviera di Levante

Diano Marina

The Riviera dei Fiori (Riviera of Flowers) in Liguria. From whale watching to scuba diving, the family sea to do anything you like.


Hiking along historic trails of the Gulf of Poets. The first crystal clear water in the Ligurian Sea of the Riviera di Levante


On the Riviera delle Palme, the sea suitable for children. The history of Liguria lies on its sandy beaches

Pietra Ligure

The right symbol of the Riviera di Ponente From families to surfers, from hikers to divers: in Liguria there is something for everyone


Diving in the Ligurian Sea and the Mediterranean maquis. The Cinque Terre between the Gulf of La Spezia and the Via dell'Amore

S Bartolomeo al mare

The flowers, the bougainvillea hedgerows, the geraniums and the oranges growing in the streets, the perfume of aromatic herbs

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