LiguriaTrekkingeXperience is a real adventure to discover the most attractive nature routes in the Riviera Ligure.
From Ponente to Levante we will meet a huge number of paths, different from them for their degrees of difficulty (some are harder than others), and their views as well, some on the mountain summits, others plunging down to the sea, but all of them are linked by the same element: the wonderful land of Liguria with a sea from a side and high grounds with breath-taking views along the trails to the other side.

We will fallow Cesare and Giorgio, two very expert trekking guides, along this special trip in the Ligurian nature.
They have always been so keen on trekking to change it in their present job.
They have got another passion too: Liguria.
In fact, after so much walking up and down along more or less hard trails, they are still today able to wonder in front of the beauty they meet on the Ligurian mountains.

We will discover this beauty with them during the nine stages of LiguriaTrekkingeXperience.
Everything will be accompanied with videos, photos and articles which will be blogged from time to time or through the social networks of Residence di Liguria.

Are you ready to walk with us?