The locations that are part of the famous National Park of the Cinque Terre seem to be a natural statement that variety is a focal point in Liguria.

Riomaggiore, as a true testimony of the men willing to reach the sea, offers lots of ideas to plan an all about watersport vacation - from sailing to scuba diving up to hiking in the Mediterranean maquis.
On rock cliffs and on the trails that climb up the hills on the Gulf of La Spezia, or along the famous Via dell’Amore - or for cultural and historical visits between shrines and castles, tasting wines like Cinque Terre or Sciacchetrà, made with raisins.

Residence for this location

Residence for Riomaggiore

Clelia Apartments a RIOMAGGIORE

Clelia Apartments a RIOMAGGIORE

The apartment “La Conchiglia” is located in Riomaggiore, in the Cinque Terre, in the upper part of the town....