The area

From west to east, with its elongated and distorted shape, almost stuck between the sea and the land,
Liguria is among the most famous Italian regions for those who are looking for a vacation on sandy beaches,
rocks or stones with a crystal-clear sea, providing at the same time to those who loves long nature walks,
by foot or by bicycle, many trails to explore the inland of this region
that is never the same and it has never been completely explored.
This happens because there tourists who come to visit Liguria
do not simply give a single image of the region, but many different interpretations of this land
with a so varied and unspoiled landscape.

The ideal place for sportsmen

The fans of sports and outdoor inland activities, from cycling to mountain biking, from Nordic walking to trekking and hiking up to birdwatching, will undoubtedly have as background trails and routes typical of the Mediterranean maquis, that climbing the heights, open sudden glimpses of the Ligurian Sea.

Cyclists and bikers know that the streets of the Riviera and its hinterland - as in Deiva Marina or Andora – provide a lot of paths and breathtaking views that, in the midst of olive groves and vineyards, are a feast for the legs and the eyes of those who dream of a life on bikes.
Of course - it's appropriate to say - with a mild climate all year round, the Riviera di Ponente and Levante offer ideal scenarios also to those who consider just a design error the fact that humans spend most of their lives on the earth rather than in the sea.

Scuba diving, canoeing, sailing, surfing, wind surfing, and whale watching are just some of the activities that the lovers of the sea have the opportunity to practise in the Cinque Terre in Diano Marina, passing through Andora.