The fifth chapter of LiguriaBikeXperience takes place between Diano Marina and San Bartolomeo,
two towns on the Ligurian coast close to each other and united with a large number of trails.
For many years the Gulf of Diano’s trails have hosted the Italian circuit of Superenduro races
that has in fact consecrated this place as an excellent destination for endure lovers in Italy and beyond.
Here Giacomo Dodino meets the guide of this chapter, Tommaso Francardo, Enduro athlete and passionate trail builder
who takes care of the cleaning and maintenance of local trails.


The Enduro and All-Mountain lovers can plan beautiful tours that from Diano Marina arrive to Cervo passing through San Bartolomeo.
The climbs are on average about 30 minutes and you can ride 3 or more trails and most of them with sea view.

There are also trails prepared for the downhill lovers and they have the opportunity to use the Bike Shuttle services offered by associations in the area to quickly reach the top of the trails and go wild downhill!


Below are described five trails, among the best of the natural Bike Park that is located
above the towns of Diano Marina and San Bartolomeo.


The Maiali is perhaps the most famous trail in the area of the bike park and it starts above Diano Marina and Diano Castello and it descend until San Bartolomeo.
The ground of the trail is rocky and there are sections with drops. It is a physical trail but a funny one!

Maiali on


We stay on the Diano side, to the left of the start of the trail called Maiali there is the beginning of the trail Molini.
Maybe it is a bit less “built” than Maiali but the same fun.
It starts directly with a steep section and every now and then you go through rock canals and there are many bend well made.

Molini on


It is one of the three trails that are part of the east side of the Bike Park which starts from above San Bartolomeo and arrives in Cervo.
The Antenne is a famous trail with breathtaking sea view.
Halfway there is the famous drop called “Salto nel Blu”, a drop that gives the feeling of diving into the sea.

NB: at the end the trail is divided into different branches and all of them lead you to Cervo.

Antenne on


Every year on this trail the associations of the area organize a downhill race and it is possible thanks to its characteristics, which make it the ideal trail for the downhill lovers.
Shores, drops, flow and rocky sections make San Rocco a very technical trail if tackled at high speed.

San Rocco on


This trail is the last one built by Apache Trails Builders. It goes down parallel to the Antenne trail but it is a different kind of trail and in fact it is built in “New School” style.
It is a fast and flow trail and it has many drops sections.
One of these drops is the one in the picture with which we opened the article and it could be the new “Salto nel Blu”!

Chicken Line on

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