Lerici, in the Gulf of Poets

Lerici is the town where the third chapter of the LigurabikeXperience project takes place.
This town is located in the famous Gulf of Poets in the eastern part of the region.
The place lends itself to mountain biking thanks to its pristine beauty.
Claudio Barreca, the Tuscan Enduro Champion, is the guide that joins Giacomo Dodino.


“Ring-like tour” with 3 different trails.

Total Length: 25 km
Difference in level: 90 mt
Duration: 2 hours and 15 min


The tour starts from San Terenzo, not far from Lerici.
Head towards the Rocchetta, an easy climb on paved road, about 4 kilometers.
In about 20 minutes you reach the top. Throughout the climb on the paved road you can admire the view of the gulf.
Here the first trail called Branzi begins and it leads to La Cava.
From here you go back along the Rocchetta trail to reach the trail called Guercio.
Also from here you can enjoy an amazing landscape that the gulf offers.
For the last part of the tour you go back to the Rocchetta in the direction of the trail La Serra, which ends directly in the village.
La Serra rises on the heights above Lerici.
The tour ends by descending towards San Terenzo, passing through the castle and finally going towards the downtown.



It starts at the top of the Branzi hills at about 500 meters above sea level.
It is the longest of the 3 trails because it is crossed by a climb that divides the descent of the Stamperia from the final part of the trail called La Cava.


It is a “technical” trail.
The last part of the trail is steep and crosses an area of Mediterranean scrub with passages above ancient dry-stone walls.
This trail starts from the Branzi hills and descends to the village of Guercio.
The first section is called Stamperia and is shared with the Branzi trail.


It is a typical Ligurian mule track, along which the biker can express all his potential by choosing the best line and riding full speed.
All along the trail you can enjoy an amazing landscape.