The penultimate chapter of the first series of LiguriaBikeXperience project takes place in Pietra Ligure, a famous seaside town in western Liguria.
It was chosen because in the hinterland, in the Maremola valley, there is an interesting mountain biking network of trails,
which extends along the south-western slope of Melogno, through Isallo, Ranzi’s hills and Mount Grosso.
New tracks are being built, they will start from Mount Carmo and will reach the sea.
One of them is ready and Giacomo Dodino rides it together with Francesco Colombo, Italian Downhill Champion.


Ring-like tour with 3 different trails

Total Length: 25 km
Difference in level: 700 mt
Duration: 2 hours 30 min
Recommended bike: Enduro – All Mountain


The tour is developed in the hinterland of Pietra Ligure, through the hills of Mount Grosso and the village of Ranzi.
The tour is well marked.
The climbs are about 20/25 minutes.



The Sugheri trail develops along the slopes of Mount Grosso and it is reached by climbing from the town of Tovo San Giacomo along the Maremola river. After a short climb on asphalt the street becomes a gravel road.
It is a path in “Enduro” style, sometimes fast, with rocky parts, banks and some raises. In the first part you can enjoy a sea view, at the end you cross a wood of cork trees (hence the name of the trail) with banks and drops.
The trail ends at the downtown of Pietra Ligure.


After reaching the village of Ranzi, an historic village overlooking the sea, you continue on the gravel road. Following the signs, you find the trail called Fieno, an ancient mule track that descends from Mount Carmo to Pietra Ligure; now this trail has been built for the mtb.
The trail features fast rock stretches interspersed with curves and hairpin bends.
For the more experienced riders, this trail gives you the opportunity to choose the best line and to show off your downhill skills.
The trail ends in the village of Ranzi, from where you can go back to take the dirt road and return to the top.


The trail descends from Ranzi towards Pietra Ligure and Giustenice.
Along the trail there are rocky sections alternating with banks and some drops.


In this area the Karma Trail on Mount Carmo is famous and last year the trail was one of the longest stage in the Enduro World Series history.
After the laps in the Maremola valley, the two bikers are also challenged in this experience, as you can see in the video.
There are some news for the mountain bikers: by September 2018 several trails will be ready, in this way the riding area of Finalese will expand further, creating a gravity trail network that from the top of the Carmo (1,400 meters above sea level) leads to Pietra Ligure, Loano, Ranzi and Giustenice.
It will be the new West Coast of Finale Ligure.