Diano Marina – climbing Pizzo d’Évigno

For this seventh stage of #LiguriaTrekkingeXperience Diano Marina and its fantastic landscape welcome us.
Plunging into an uncontaminated nature we walk through the grazing lands while the silent presence of the animals keeps us company;
by doing so we reach a wonderful peak and enjoy a mesmerizing view.
In short we arrive at Pizzo d’Évigno but above all we live a fantastic day hiking in Liguria!

Data of the trail

E (Excursionist). Easy path

Standard Time:
2,30 hours

520 m asl Length:
7 km

Description of the route

Diano Marina is a nice tourist village along the Western Ligurian Riviera. Besides its famous beaches and its crystal sea waters, Diano Marina has another ace up its sleeve: a lush landscape to discover, with several perfect hiking pathways overlooking the sea.

For our seventh stage of LiguriaTrekkingeXperience we chose an easy trail suitable for all kinds of trekkers, going up from the village of Diano San Pietro to the top of Pizzo d’Évigno. It is a tall steep grassy promontory, also known as Monte Torre, above Diano Marina. This pyramid-shaped mount with a scenic summit and 988 meters in height is the highest peak in the area. For ages the large grassy fields stretching along its slopes have been used by farmers for their livestock. In fact along the pathway we often meet dairy cows, goats, sheep and smart horses. Here the peaceful grazing animals spread a sense of peace and serenity all over the landscape. Although the beginning of the footpath is located at an elevation of 480 meters, the atmosphere feels like walking through high mountains: large green swards and mounds of rocks are present here and there, towards the summit principally. With a difference: we well know the blue waters of the sea fluctuate clearly behind us.

As we reach the top, we are firstly attracted by an enormous trellised metal cross and in front of it a statue of the Virgin Mary is orientated towards Diano Marina. At Pizzo d’Évigno the view is breathtaking: while looking down, the towns of Imperia, Diano Marina and San Bartolomeo are easily visible. In the distance when the sky is perfectly clear we can admire Corsica.


By car
We turn right after the waterfront of Diano Marina and we follow the signposts to Diano San Pietro, 3 km far from the coast. Afterwards we have to pass a bridge, turn right and keep on driving to the hamlet of La Colla, until we get to another bridge crossing some houses. From here onwards we go along a large road climbing for six more km. The last three km, though paved, are usually used by shepherds as a secondary road. When asphalt ends, we drive on for 200 meters until we find a clay space suitable to park our car. We are at 480 above sea level and our hiking trail is just starting!

The hiking trip
We take a large dirt road: still today it is used by shepherds to lead their animals feeding on the green large swards above. The slope is small and the walk is pleasant. Far away the destination of the route is easily seen: the peak of Pizzo d’Évigno. Meantime along the charming trail we meet many grazing animals. At the end of the little road the landscape changes as well as the path stretching now along green fields. We reach the pass La Colla where we enjoy an unforgettable view over Valle Mérula and Valle d’Évigno. From here on we walk up turning on the left and following the red signposts (full red square) and some old posts. Crossing the sloping grazing lands we arrive at the final part of the trial, quite rocky and much more sloped. Even if this part of the path is about 1.5 km long and really difficult, finally we are on the summit.

Suggested equipment

As usual we suggest to have a good trekking equipment with you: suitable walking shoes, hiking poles, a good supply of water and why not some food to eat after getting to the top.