Trekking: "Backpacking adventure in Liguria"

It's quite easy to imagine that a narrow region between the hills and the sea, constantly wavering between mountains and plains, dotted with maritime villages and perched houses over the limpid sea, can offer lots of opportunities for backpackers to discover a true trekking paradise.

And, in fact Liguria can offer it.
On foot or on horseback, placing a particular emphasis on slowness in order to fully appreciate everything that the landscape has to offer, outdoor and nature lovers can choose between challenging paths and mountainous trails - the so-called hiking - or gentle walks on the coast of the Riviera di Ponente and Levante.

The Mediterranean maquis is the backdrop to walks that explore the Ligurian hinterland, characterized by the most various vegetation, from olive groves to vineyards up to the firs.

The Via delle Cinque Terre and the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri - 43 stages along the Ligurian mountain arc with breathtaking views that can stretch up to the Monte Rosa and the Corsica isle - are two sides of the same passion, trekking, which can also count on less difficult trails, such as the Strada del vino e dell'olio (Wine and olive oil route) and the Via del sale (Salt route), which mix the uncontaminated nature to fine dining, among medieval castles, churches, mills and wineries where you can taste the traditional products.