Motorcycle: "Liguria Easy Rider"

Although it seems a place that inspires walking and cycling excursions,
thanks to its shape Liguria is a region very much loved by the centaurs and by the nostalgics of the life "on the road" on a motorbike saddle.
Among woods of chestnut trees and olive groves, the paved roads are the battlefield and crossing land marked on Motorcycle touring bibles, with multiple motorbike routes, travels and tours strongly recommended, motorcycle rally and motorbike friendly facilities.

Among the journey trips, one of the most popular is the motorcycle trip to the Cinque Terre, with departure from Deiva Marina on a beautiful road down the hill toward the sea, through the Mediterranean maquis between curves and bends that disappear in breathtaking views, heading towards Framura and Valdarecca Mare beach.
As for beaches, also Portofino becomes the tour departure point in the direction of Paraggi with destination Portofino Vetta, a sheer drop to the sea, following the curvy road of the indented coastline, surrounded by nature and inundated by the scent of pine trees and the myriad of flowers that enjoy a mild climate year-round.

In the Riviera di Ponente as in the one of Levante, bends and continuous ups and downs are a permanent feature of the motorcycle trips in Liguria, as well as the views and landscapes that spread at every change of direction.

A special mention deserves finally the famous Passo del Bracco, which connects La Spezia to Sestri Levante by following the ancient route of the Aurelia: 15 km of hairpin bends, counter-turns and short straight roads great for motortouring.
And all around, glimpses of the sea that blend with frescoes of mountain, as only in Liguria can happen.